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National Science Foundation - SIMCALC - Video Intro Animation

Under the direction of Principal Investigator Dr. James J. Kaput, and Co-Investigator Dr. Jeremy Roschelle ; DadeDevelopment founder (Chuck Dade) produced a 15 minute DV presentation to demonstate the aim, the software, and the team effort (in the field) of the NSF sponsored SIMCALC Project. The intended audience was to future participants to the project including educators, researchers, publishers and funding authorities.

The video presentation was commissioned to be used to demonstrate a revolutionary new approach of exposing students to computer "Simulated Calculus" at a very young age. It demonstrated the synthesis of state of the art interactive computer simulation with the most modern ideas in curricular design.The video showed the project's emphasis on the big concepts of calculus (a top down approach) ; it was demonstrated how the software provided an advanced method of cognitive modeling encouraging the student to develope an intuitive approach to problem solving without starting with confusing mathematical symbology.

The presentation involved utilizing existing team generated video footage, producing new video, graphics production (Adobe Photoshop, etc.), 3D animation (INFINI-D), 2d animation (Macromedia Director), music composition & performance, and DV & audio editing (Adobe Premiere, Metro and Deck II).


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